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Application Clients Page
  • 29 Nov 2023
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Application Clients Page

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Article Summary

On the Application Clients page (API > Application Clients), you can generate unique Client IDs and Client Secrets that authenticate and establish connections between your applications and Mindful services. The Mindful API requires integrations to authenticate using an Application Client, which consists of a Client ID and Client Secret, in order to obtain a short-lived token. This token is then used to validate subsequent requests made to the API. By creating multiple Application Clients, you can maintain distinct Client IDs and Client Secrets for each app that interacts with Mindful API endpoints. 

To learn more about authenticating with the API using these values, see the Mindful API documentation. The remainder of this article describes the process of creating and editing Application Clients.

screenshot of the application clients page

Creating New Application Clients

  1. To get started, click Add Application Client
  2. Enter a name and description for the new client.
  3. Click save when finished.
  4. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret that appear before moving on, and save these details somewhere outside of the Mindful UI.

The Client Secret for the new Application Client will only be shown once! After saving a new client, only the Client ID can be viewed. When editing an existing Application Client, the ID and Secret will be displayed like so:
example of a client I.D. and client secret after saving a new application client

Editing or Deleting Application Clients

  • To edit an existing Application Client's name or description, click the Edit icon in the appropriate row on the Application Clients page. You can also view the Client ID from the Edit page any time.
  • To delete an Application Client, click the Delete icon in the appropriate row.

screenshot of edit and delete icons

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