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Call Target General Settings
  • 01 Dec 2023
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Call Target General Settings

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Article Summary

The General section is a good place to start when configuring a new Call Target. This section contains basic information that will lay a foundation for the settings found further down the page.

Quick Access: Callback > Call Targets > Your Call Target > General tab > General

In the General section, you will find the following settings:

  • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the Call Target to be used throughout the Mindful platform.
  • Media Set: Select a Media Set containing the audio prompts you wish to use for the Call Target.
  • Caller Input: Choose between DTMF Only for a traditional DTMF-input experience, or Speech with DTMF Fallback to allow customers to interact via voice. See How to Configure Speech Recognition for complete instructions.
  • Reporting Categories: Assign categories to group Call Targets together in reports. See below for more.
  • Enable Mindful Datastore Integration: Enable automatic updates to existing Datastore records. See below for more.

Media Set

The Media Set dropdown menu allows you to apply a pre-defined Media Set for your Call Target to use. Media Sets are the collection of audio files that will be used as voice prompts when Mindful Callback interacts with customers.

Screen capture of the Media Set section on the Call Target page

Media Set defaults can be adjusted on the Media Sets page. Any changes made at the Call Target level will override the defaults for that particular Call Target. 

For more information, see Media Sets in the reference section.

Reporting Categories

The Reporting Categories field allows you to assign a name to a category that can be used to filter some of the reports in Mindful Callback. Reporting categories can include any number of Call Targets. You can group them in different ways to view the exact set of data you're interested in.

screenshot of call target reporting categories

Use the following steps to add or remove a reporting category.

  1. Type the name of the category you would like to add.
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click the + sign next to the category name that you are adding. You will see the new category appear in the Reporting Categories field to let you know it's been successfully added.
  3. Repeat the previous steps for any additional categories you wish to apply.
  4. Save your changes when you are finished.

To remove a reporting category from your Call Target, click the X icon that appears next to any of the categories that are already applied.

Enable Mindful Datastore Integration

The Enable Mindful Datastore Integration checkbox, when selected, causes a Call Target to post updates to a record in the Mindful Datastore. When selected, updates will be sent to Mindful Datastore for the following data, including their original values and any subsequent changes:

  • Callback phone number (also used as the Datastore search key)
  • Current Estimated Callback Time (ECBT)
  • Scheduled callback time, including retry attempts or rescheduled callbacks

Before the Call Target can post updates to a Datastore record, the record must have already been created prior to sending the associated call to Mindful. You can learn more about posting to the Datastore in the integration guide for your ACD.

screenshot of the enable mindful datastore integration setting

When Enable Mindful Datastore Integration is selected, the Data Set Template dropdown menu becomes available. The Data Set Template dropdown menu allows you to choose one of the Data Set Templates configured on the Datastore page. Any updates to callback data for the associated Call Target will use the selected Data Set Template. For more information on Data Set Templates, see the Mindful Datastore reference guide.

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