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Download Center User Guide
  • 02 May 2023
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Download Center User Guide

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Article Summary

The Mindful Download Center is designed for quick navigation and self service. Once your account is set up, learning to navigate the user interface will empower you to locate the products or templates you need to keep your project moving along.  


This user guide covers everything you need to know to find the right product and version for your installation project:

Set Up Your Account

Since the Mindful Download Center uses Google authentication for clients, you will need a Google account to register an account. See the following steps for help accessing the Download Center for the first time.

  1. Navigate to the Download Center login page at
  2. Click Log in with Google.

screenshot from the download center login page


If you do not have access to a Google account, a Mindful Support team member can generate a temporary, secure link to download the product version you're looking for without logging in.

  1. The first time you attempt to log in, a new account request will be sent to the Mindful Support team, and you will receive an email when your account has been fully set up. 

screenshot of the account request submitted notice

  1. After your account has been fully set up, you can come back to the login screen and authenticate once more to access the Download Center.

Learn How to Get Around

Any time you log in to the Download Center, you will land on the Client home page. From there, you can view new updates and newly uploaded products, access all other areas of the Download Center, and search for the products you need. Take a look at the following quick tour of the home screen and user interface.

  1. Mindful System Status: Click to view the Mindful status page, which shows the current status of Mindful applications and provides information on planned maintenance outages and other service-impacting events. 
    • You can hover your mouse cursor over the Mindful System Status link to view a basic status message. 
  2. Product Documentation: Click to view the Help Center homepage, where you can access documentation and training for all Mindful products.
  3. Software Products: Click to view a dropdown menu of available products and templates. Click any of the listed categories to view the available versions for the selected product or template.
  4. Raise an Issue: Click to submit a ticket to the Support team for assistance. You will receive an automated email with a support case number, then you will receive a reply from a Mindful representative as soon as possible.
  5. Search: Click to search for products by name or version.
  6. Home page notifications: The product notifications shown in the form of cards on the home screen will vary over time, based on the latest updates. Click any card to view the related product page.

Locate and Download Files

Once you know how to navigate the Download Center and find what you need, you'll be ready to download the right product for your solution.

The Download Center allows you to quickly search and locate the specific version of the product that you need. Whether you know the exact version or you're just browsing for new updates, this section will guide you through the process of locating and downloading files.

There are several ways to search for products and templates in the Download Center. You can use the search box in the navigation bar, select a product category from the Software Products dropdown menu, or click one of the notification cards on the home page.

Option 1: Use the Search Box

screenshot of the download center search bar

  1. Click the search icon in the navigation bar to view the Search field.
  2. To search for an entire product category, enter the product name. You should see search results populating in a list beneath the field as you type. If nothing appears beneath the field, then there are no results for the search text.
  3. Click any option listed below the field to open the corresponding Product page.

Option 2: Navigate Through the User Interface

screenshot of the download center software products dropdown menu

  1. If the product you are looking for is listed in the notification cards on the home page, you can click the card to view the corresponding product page.
  2. If the product you are looking for is not listed on the home page, click the Software Products dropdown menu and select the category from there.

Download software or templates

When you have found the product category you are looking for, use the following steps to download the correct version.

  1. Review the list of released versions and release dates on the product page. 
  2. If you are looking for a specific version, locate it in the list and click the corresponding row.
  3. If you are looking for the latest version, click the row corresponding to the highest version number listed.
  4. After selecting a version, review the information on the Version Details page, including the release preview and description.
  5. To verify that you have selected the correct release, click the Release Notes link to view additional information.
  6. Click the Download Software icon to download the file.

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