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Getting Started: Dashboard
  • 05 Jan 2024
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Getting Started: Dashboard

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Article Summary

When you log in to Mindful Feedback, the first page you see is the Dashboard. The Dashboard provides a variety of real-time reporting metrics and statistics for an overview of system health and operation. The guides in this section cover everything available on the Dashboard page, including filters and real-time reporting widgets. In this guide, we will cover the basic layout of the page and the filters available to find exactly what you're looking for. 


The default filter shows all results from every survey in the last three days.

Dashboard Page Overview

The Filters tab allows you to limit the data in the Dashboards according to user group, survey, date range, and other factors.

Screen capture of Dashboard filters tab
  • Saved Dashboards button: You can add filters to an existing Dashboard by clicking this button. It will apply currently-selected filters to any Saved Dashboard you select.
  • Refresh icon: Click the Refresh icon to manually refresh your screen at any time.
  • User Group: If you have any User Groups defined under Manage Users the User Group option will appear. Use the dropdown to select a user group to view. If you do not have any User Groups defined, you will not see the User Group option on the Filters tab.
  • Survey: Use the dropdown to select a survey's statistics to view. You can view individual or all surveys.
  • Date Range: Select a date range from the dropdown list. You can select custom dates by choosing the Custom Range option in the dropdown.
  • Advanced: Click to expand our Advanced filtering options.
    • Date Filter Type: Select from preset date filter types to further refine the data output in the Dashboard.
    • Respondent Language/Dialect: If your survey was offered in multiple languages, you can filter results by language.
    • Add Custom Filter: Use this option to filter results by other data gathered.
    • Add Question Response Filter: Use this option to filter results by a specific type of question and its response.

Other Elements

  • Saved dashboard reports tab: If you have saved any Dashboard reports, they are accessible on this tab.
  • Schedules tab: If you have any scheduled Dashboard reports, they are accessible on this tab.
  • Surveys widget: A quick overview of initial statistics for specified surveys scheduled or completed within the Date Range.


Once you create your surveys and start receiving responses, your filters will visualize the data gathered. Click the links below or use the navigation panel to read more about each widget on the Dashboard.

Viewing Dashboard Elements Standalone: An overview of all of the widgets.

Chart Grouping and Measure TypesChart Interactivity
Surveys OverviewAgent Scores
Overall ScoreSurvey Type, Completion, and Abandon Rate
Number Question ChartsNet Promoter Score (NPS) Charts
Multiple Choice ChartsFree Response Word Cloud
Yes/No Question ChartsTop/bottom Interactions Table

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