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How to Disable Session Timeouts on Reporting Pages
  • 08 Jan 2024
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How to Disable Session Timeouts on Reporting Pages

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Article Summary

The Mindful Platform features a built-in session timeout that automatically logs users out after a period of inactivity, for enhanced security. While that additional layer of protection is important, it is not necessary in every situation. For example, for wallboards or other persistent displays that do not require regular user input, you may wish to disable the session timeout while viewing real-time reporting dashboards. To address these scenarios, it is possible to disable session timeouts for individual user accounts. 

This article will walk you through the process of creating a custom Application Role with a disabled session timeout, then applying that role to a user account.

Step 1) Create a new Application Role 

Organization > Application Roles

  1. On the Application Roles page, click Add Custom Role.
  2. Enter a name and description for the role in the provided fields.
  3. Under the Grant Application Access heading, select Callback.
  4. Select all abilities you wish to grant to this user role, then select Disable Session Timeout on Status Views.
    • If this role will only be used to monitor reporting dashboards (on a wallboard, for example), only Viewer and Disable Session Timeout on Status Views are needed.
  5. Save the custom role when finished.

image of the edit role page highlighting the disable session timeout on status views setting

Step 2) Assign the new role to a user account 

Organization > User Management

  1. To assign the new custom role to an existing user, click the Edit icon for that user on the User Management page.
    1. In the Edit User modal window, remove any unwanted roles from the Roles field, and add the new custom role.
  2. (Optional) To create a dedicated user account instead, click Invite Users.
    1. Enter an email to associate with the account, then add the new custom role in the Roles field.
    2. Log in with this account to display uninterrupted statistics on your wallboard or other display.

example of a user with one custom role

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