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  • 29 Jan 2024
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Article Summary

The Insights page contains many different dashboards to provide you with valuable data surrounding your implementation and usage of Mindful Callback. These dashboards were designed to allow you to take a deeper dive into the metrics that are important to you. For a breakdown of how many of these metrics are calculated, see Insights Dashboards Calculations

The dashboards include:

Note for Government Users
The Audit Log does not appear on your Insights page. See Audit Report for more information.

Check out the following video for an overview of the dashboards.

Click here for Dashboard view for Shared Production users

Screen capture of Shared Environment Insights dashboard

Click here for Dashboard view for Government users

Screen capture of Insights page

  • When viewing the Insights dashboards, users will only see metrics that are related to their assigned Business Unit. If a user is not assigned to a Business Unit, they will see all metrics for the Organization.
  • The data on the Insights dashboards is tabulated by the date/time in which the callback was processed, meaning the time when the callback was made rather than the time when the callback was requested. This is done to create a more accurate picture of what is happening when agents and customers are actively engaged in their calls.
  • Please note that the Insights reports are intended to provide a historical view of the impact of Callback. The data contained in the report is refreshed every 15 minutes. For a real-time view of Callback data, please see the Callback Status screen and/or the Call Detail screen.

Callback Executive Summary

The Callback Executive Summary dashboard displays callback statistics for all Call Targets in your Organization. Within this report, you can view the total number of callbacks offered to customers. Within each channel (Voice and Digital), you can view the number of offers accepted and their final outcomes.

Screen capture of Executive Summary Dashboard

 To learn more, see Callback Executive Summary.

Conversation Overview

The Conversation Overview Dashboard is meant to serve as a general look into your company's usage of your conversations over the period of your contract. This dashboard serves as a check-in on where your company may be in your contract period. It will allow you to determine if you are over or underusing your conversations.

Screen capture of Conversation Overview Dashboard

 To learn more, see Conversation Overview.

Audit Log

The Audit Log Dashboard provides an overview of the updates, changes, or deletions that users within your organization or automated Smart Rules have made within the Mindful User Interface over a specified time period.

Screen capture of Audit Log dashboard

Note for Government Users
The Audit Log does not appear on your Insights page. See Audit Report for more information.

 To learn more, see Audit Log.

Callback Usage

The Callback Usage Dashboard provides an overview of your Callback activity for a selected date range. The data on this dashboard allows you to see callback changes and trends over time.

Screen capture of Callback Usage Dashboard

 To learn more, see Callback Usage.

Callback Performance

The Callback Performance Dashboard, as the name implies, focuses on qualitative metrics of your Callback conversations. This includes talk and response time, as well as how some of these measures are impacted by certain behaviors within the Mindful environment. Whereas the other dashboards in Mindful Insights focus on the "what" of conversations, the Callback Performance Dashboard focuses on the "why."

Screen capture of the Callback Performance Dashboard

 To learn more, see Callback Performance.

Messaging Usage

The Messaging Usage Dashboard provides an overview of your Messaging activity for a selected date range, allowing you to see Messaging changes and trends over time.

Screen capture of the Messaging Usage Dashboard

 To learn more, see Messaging Usage.

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