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Mindful Platform Release Notes
  • 22 May 2023
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Mindful Platform Release Notes

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Article Summary

Read about the latest system updates, feature enhancements, and new features on the Mindful platform.

In addition to new and updated features, and fixed issues, Mindful shares known issues that our developers, testers, and customers have identified. Visit our Known Issues page for more information.

Shared Production users - Click here for release notes

Spring '23 Release


(Beta) The Mindful IVR can now accept speech input from customers when registering ASAP callbacks.

We have introduced speech recognition as an input option for IVR callback menus. This feature is currently in a beta testing phase, and only supports ASAP callback registration in the inbound menu at this time. Contact the Mindful Support team to test this feature today!

screenshot of speech recognition settings

To learn more about speech recognition for customers or agents, see How to Configure Speech Recognition.

Insights, our new historical reporting dashboard, is now available for enhanced reporting and analytics.

You can now visualize, measure, and track historical callback performance and operations through Insights, our new reporting dashboards. These dashboards provide valuable data alongside the existing real-time callback analytics. 

screenshot of Insights dashboards

We have introduced five new dashboards to enhance your callback analysis capabilities: 

  • Conversation Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Callback Usage
  • Callback Performance
  • Messaging Usage

There is a lot to learn about this robust set of dashboards. To get started, see the new Insights documentation.

The new Application Clients page is now accessible from the sidebar menu.

On the Application Clients page (API > Application Clients), you can generate unique Client IDs and Client Secrets that authenticate and establish connections between your applications and the new Mindful API. By creating multiple Application Clients, you can maintain distinct Client IDs and Client Secrets for each app that interacts with Mindful API endpoints.

screenshot of the application clients page

To learn more, see API Application Clients.

(Experimental beta) Dynamic dial pacing is now available for testing.

We are testing a new experimental feature to enable dynamic dial pacing, which automatically adjusts Mindful parameters based on live queue metrics and agent availability from your ACD/CCaaS platform. The goal is to reach for optimal performance and responsiveness as queue conditions naturally change throughout the day.

This feature is current in a beta testing phase. Contact a Mindful representative if you would like to try it in your organization.

You can now configure Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Mindful Organization.

We now support SSO with your preferred identity provider (Okta, Auth0, and OIDC). This allows you to validate and manage your employees' access to Mindful while adding an extra layer of security through multi-factor authentication on mobile devices.

screenshot of multi factor authentication configurationReady to implement SSO/MFA for your Organization? See the articles below to get started.

User interface updates and compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972

We have made significant updates to the Mindful user interface (UI) to provide a cleaner and more streamlined experience. This includes enhancements to the side and top navigation, as well as improved account security measures such as stricter passwords and session timeouts.

Continued security enhancements

We have strengthened our security measures by implementing increased end-to-end encryption standards and introducing a new abstraction layer for enhanced security. In addition, we have implemented rigorous updates to automated testing, continuous code validation, and improved workflows.

Smart Rules is now available to all clients.

The Smart Rules beta testing phase was successful, with many Organizations using Smart Rules to update Mindful configuration for optimal performance throughout the day. With the Spring '23 release, the Smart Rules feature is now available to all clients! 

Smart Rules allow you to create a complex set of conditions that will trigger changes to Call Target settings. More than 35 settings can be automatically adjusted by a Smart Rule, based on the day of the week and/or time of day. This allows for a wide range of possibilities to automate your administrative workflows and dynamically manage your Call Targets.

screenshot of smart rules config

screenshot of smart rules config

Following are a few examples of how Smart Rules can automate your workflows:

  • Adjust the dial pacing towards the end of each business day. We will use this as a working example throughout this guide.
  • Offer the Return to Hold option on specific days of the week.
  • Enable or disable callback Notifications at certain times of the day.

When you're ready to try Smart Rules in your Organization, see How to Configure Smart Rules to get started.

The Minimum/Maximum Callback Number Length settings now apply to system-detected ANIs in addition to caller input.

Previously, Minimum/Maximum Callback Number Length only applied to numbers entered manually by callers via DTMF, but callers were still able to confirm a detected ANI of any length. This setting is now enforced in either scenario.

Mindful APIs

The Mindful API now provides historical and real-time metrics.

We have introduced a comprehensive API that provides granular callback details. This new API provides a range of data ideal for contact center wallboards, data warehouses, or Business Intelligence tools. This API allows you to analyze callback data alongside other sources, offering greater flexibility in reporting and analysis. 

Authentication is handled via secure OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials to ensure maximum security of your reporting data. See the 

In the future, we plan to incorporate the current functionality of the Scheduler and Global APIs into the new Mindful API suite. Check back here for updates!

To get started with the Mindful API, see the Mindful API Reference guide.


You can now create survey interactions via QR code.

screenshot of survey qr codesOur web-based surveys now include both a link and a QR code. Including QR codes enables you to offer surveys to a wider audience in more convenient ways. Your customers can scan the QR code from any device to access their survey on a mobile device.

To learn more, see Add a Survey via Default Web Survey URL.

 You can now accept voice input for post-call surveys.

Customers can now provide feedback using their voice, in addition to the keypad, when taking a post-call survey. This enhancement improves survey accessibility and increases completion rates.

Genesys Cloud integration enhancements

We have enhanced the integration with Genesys Cloud by adding more conversation variables to Mindful Feedback surveys. This allows for better filtering and reporting. Additionally, you can now view survey data alongside Genesys Cloud interaction records, providing a comprehensive picture of customer interactions.

April 25, 2023 

General maintenance note
We continue to make incremental improvements to the user interface, voice infrastructure, and system security throughout Mindful Callback.

February 10, 2023 

Added in a small missing Spanish voice prompt

A small Spanish translation, the word “the”, was missing from the Date/Time voice prompt section on the Media Set edit page. This has been added in and is now available for use.

Speech prompt did not match text-to-speech (TTS) text

The speech prompt Offer Text Message or Schedule did not have matching spoken prompt and TTS text. This has been corrected so that both speak/display, “Please say communicate via text message or callback for a later time.”

General maintenance note

We continue to make incremental improvements to the user interface, voice infrastructure, and system security throughout Mindful Callback.

Government users - Click here for release notes

April 20, 2023 

General maintenance note

We continue to make incremental improvements to the user interface, voice infrastructure, and system security throughout Mindful Callback.

April 11, 2023 

General maintenance note

We continue to make incremental improvements to the user interface, voice infrastructure, and system security throughout Mindful Callback.

March 7, 2023 

Fixed issues icon

Tab Indexing issues have been fixed

This release addresses tab indexing issues on both the Callback Status and Call Detail pages in an effort to enhance accessibility for mouse-free and screen reader users.

Help Links updated
All in-application Help links have been updated to link to the latest Mindful Callback documentation.

General maintenance note

We continue to make incremental improvements to the user interface, voice infrastructure, and system security throughout Mindful Callback.

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