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Process Conversations (Web Messenger)
  • 05 Apr 2024
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Process Conversations (Web Messenger)

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Article summary

This article outlines the necessary steps for installing and configuring the Process Conversation (Web Messenger) integration in Genesys Cloud. The primary function of the integration is to transmit the authentic conversation ID to Mindful Feedback, enabling us to conduct polling with the accurate ID, as opposed to relying on the webMessengerJourneyId, which often results in a null response. In a broader context, this integration serves to address the potential delay in the Genesys Cloud API. We typically conduct polling on a minute-to-minute basis, and there are instances where the conversation might not be readily accessible within the Genesys Cloud platform at that precise moment. To set up the integration, follow the steps below, starting in the Genesys Cloud user interface.

Installing the Integration

Quick access: Admin > Integrations > Integrations


Rather than using the instructions below to create the Data Action manually, you can download the Data Action as a JSON file and import it into your Genesys Cloud instance. Make sure to update the subdomain in the JSON file before importing.

  1. From the Integrations page, click the + Integrations button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. In the Search field, type "Web Services Data Actions" and click Install.Screen capture of install integration window
  3. On the Details tab, change the name of the integration to "Process Conversation Web Messenger" as shown below. Screen capture of Integrations Details tab
  4. Click the Configuration tab and then select Credentials. Click the Configure button. Screen capture of Configuration tab5. In the modal window that appears, you will add your Customer UUID for Mindful Feedback in the Username field and the Auth token for Mindful Feedback in the Password field. Screen capture of Configure Credentials modal window
    To find the information you need for this step:
    1. Navigate to the Mindful Feedback user interface.
    2. Go to Settings > Customer Settings > Customer Credentials to find your Customer UUID and your Auth token.
      Screen capture of Customer Credentials tab
    6. After entering your Customer UUID and Auth token, click OK.

Activating the Integration

Quick access: Admin > Integrations > Integrations

  1. From the Integrations page, search for the new Process Conversation (Web Messenger) integration you created.
  2. Click the toggle switch in the Status column to activate the integration. Screen capture of Integration status column

Setting Up Actions for the Integration

Quick access: Admin > Integrations > Integrations

  1. Select the Actions option from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Click the + Add Action button.
  3. In the modal window that appears, select the newly created Process Conversation (Web Messenger) integration.
  4. In the Action Name field, enter "Process Conversation Action" as shown below and click the Add button.Screen capture of integration name and action name modal window
  5. Go to Setup > Contracts of your newly created action and create the following Schema:Screen capture of Setup tab
  6. Go to Setup > Configuration and create the following configuration: Screen capture of Setup configuration tab
    The subdomain of the Request URL Template shown above ( is an example. You will need to replace this with the appropriate subdomain for your instance (us2, eu1, etc.).
  7. Go to Setup > Test to test your action.
  8. Once the test has passed, click Save & Publish.

Setting Up a Web Messaging Inbound Flow

Quick access: Admin > Architect > Architect > Inbound Message flows

  1. Select your Web Messaging inbound message flow.
  2. From the Start block, select Toolbox > Data > Call Data Action.
  3. On the right-hand side of the page, select Process Conversation (Web Messenger) from the Category drop-down menu. Then select Process Conversation Action from the Data Action drop-down menu.

Screen capture of Call Data Action window

  1. Under the Inputs section that appears, for conversation_id, select Expression type value from the drop-down menu and add Message.ConversationId as the variable, as shown below:

Screen capture of Inputs section

  1. Associate the correct actions for the Success/Failure/Timeout possibilities as shown below:

Screen capture of web messaging inbound flow

To test that everything is working correctly, you can turn off polling and change to process through API, then take a webMessenger survey and validate that the interaction updates correctly. You can also leave polling on and just validate that webMessenger survey is able to update correctly, if you are concerned about voice surveys polling if testing during work hours.

Configure Genesys Cloud Survey Mapping in Mindful Feedback

After a customer has completed the survey:

  • Genesys Cloud will have a conversation record with an id, such as "0812f7d0-834e-11ea-bcdb-0d29ea1301f4".
  • Mindful Feedback will have a web survey interaction with an external_ref value that matches the Genesys ConversationID: "0812f7d0-834e-11ea-bcdb-0d29ea1301f4"

As Mindful Feedback polls for new Genesys Cloud conversations, a survey mapping defined for Match Only mode will sync data from the conversation into the survey using a match on "id" = "external_ref".

Use the following steps to configure the survey mapping:

Quick access: Settings > Customer Settings > Integrations > Genesys Cloud

  1. On the Genesys Cloud tab, click Configure Genesys Cloud.
  2. On the Configure Genesys Cloud page (Configure Polling tab), scroll down to the Survey Mappings section.
  3. Click Add Survey Mapping.
  4. Complete the survey mapping as seen in the example below:
    • Description: Enter a description for the survey mapping.
    • Survey: Select the survey to which the mapping will apply.
    • Conditions: No conditions are needed for this mapping.
    • Survey Parameters: Select the Type and Value for all attributes required for the selected survey.
  5. In the Match Conversations With Existing Survey Interactions section, configure the fields as shown in the example below:
    • Mode: Match Only
    • Conversation attribute: id
    • Existing conversation attribute: External Reference

example survey mapping

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