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Twilio Updates for Mindful Feedback
  • 21 Sep 2023
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Twilio Updates for Mindful Feedback

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Article Summary

At Mindful, we rely on Twilio as a telephony carrier and provider to provide an essential service in the Mindful Feedback platform. Twilio is how we provide SIP trunks to our clients for transferring calls to Mindful Feedback. If you are using SIP trunks with Mindful Feedback, this information is important for you to review. 

Twilio is updating their IP addressing which may require changes on your side by December 5, 2023.

Am I Impacted?

Genesys Cloud Voice clients do NOT need to make any of the changes outlined in this article. If using premises SBCs such as Genesys Edge, you will need to make this change.

If you are a Genesys Cloud customer but are unsure if your Genesys setup is impacted, open Genesys Cloud and go to Admin > Telephony > Edges. If all of your edge names are locked (the icon appears to the left of the name) and the State is listed as Managed, then you do NOT need to make the changes outlined in this article.

Screen capture of Genesys Edges

What Do You Need To Do?

If you are utilizing SIP trunks to Mindful Feedback for post-call surveys, please verify and update any allow-list you maintain for external SIP trunks with the updated IP list and ports provided below.

Before December 5, 2023, update your network infrastructure to allowlist the full IP and port ranges following the steps below:

  • Add to your firewall rules and any allow lists in your telephony environments.
  • Enable UDP from Twilio using ports 10000-60000.
  • Do NOT remove old IP ranges/ports until after January 23, 2024 when the migration is complete.
For Genesys clients with Virtual Edges on Genesys Cloud Voice:
  • Go to your SDX External Trunk.
  • Update your “SIP Access Control” list within “Trunk” configuration with the range provided above.

As a reminder, keep old IP and port ranges open in your infrastructure until January 23, 2024.

What Happens if You Don’t Take Action?

If you don’t take action by December 5, 2023, you will experience one-way audio and dropped calls. If you haven’t allowlisted the full IP and port ranges before the migration, all calls will fail after January 23, 2024.

For more information, contact Mindful Support.

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