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User Data Sets
  • 12 Apr 2023
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User Data Sets

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User Data Sets allow you to define a set of key-value pairs (KVPs) that can be sent by a Scheduler widget to Mindful Callback. A User Data Set allows Callback to receive data, but you must still configure a Metadata item for your Call Target in order to pass the data on to the contact center.

User Data Sets are a powerful feature that enables you to send and receive data using key-value pairs between a Scheduler widget and Mindful Callback. With User Data Sets, you can define the KVPs that will be sent to Callback by a Scheduler widget, which can then be passed on to the contact center through a Metadata item. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of creating a User Data Set.

Create a User Data Set

Quick Access: Scheduler > User Data Sets

  1. Click + Add New User Data Set to open the Create Scheduler User Data screen.
  2. Name (required): Enter a name to identify the User Data Set.
  3. Description: Enter a description to define the purpose of the User Data Set.
  4. Click Add New Key to add the first key representing a user data KVP.
  5. In the modal that appears, enter a Key Name for the KVP. 
The Key Name (Telephony Key) of the User Data Set must precisely match the KVP that will be received by the widget and the Metadata Item Name configured in Mindful. This requires casing to be consistent.
  1. Enter a value in the Default Value field, if applicable. This value will be assigned to the KVP if no value is received.
  2. If you wish to replace any value that is submitted for this KVP with the specified default value, enable the Replace Value from widget with Default Value checkbox.
  3. Click Save to save the User Data Key, then repeat steps 4 - 6 for all remaining keys you wish to define for the set.

After creating a User Data Set, use the following steps to apply it to a Widget.

Quick Access: Scheduler > Widgets

  1. Click the Edit icon in the row corresponding to a particular widget.
  2. Use the User Data Set dropdown menu to select a set to apply.
  3. Save your changes.

You can return to any previously created User Data Set to make updates, as well.

Edit or Delete a User Data Set

Quick Access: Scheduler > User Data Sets

Edit a User Data Set

  1. To edit a User Data Set, click the Edit icon in the row corresponding to any existing set.
  2. Update the Name and Description fields as needed.
  3. Click the Edit icon on any row in the User Data Set Keys table to update the Key Name and Default Value fields as needed, then click Save in the edit window.
  4. Click Save on the Edit Scheduler User Data screen to save all the changes you made to the User Data Set.

Delete a User Data Set

To delete a User Data Set, click the Delete icon in the row corresponding to any existing set.

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