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Welcome to Mindful!
  • 16 Nov 2023
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Welcome to Mindful!

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Article Summary

Mindful is the market’s leading cloud-based callback solution, and the Mindful platform extends the solution to achieve a holistic customer-experience strategy. In this Help Center, you can find extensive information about all services on the Mindful platform, including:

Mindful Callback
  • This award-winning solution provides flexible options to offer context-driven callbacks as soon as possible or scheduled for a specific time, with all the benefits of a cloud-based solution. Rapid onboarding and lack of required infrastructure investment are only a few of the benefits you'll find in this solution.
  • Offering customers the opportunity to receive a callback rather than waiting on hold provides a seamless approach to delivering better customer experiences and higher contact center efficiency.
Mindful Datastore
  • Our Datastore service provides a lightweight, user-friendly solution to retain context and apply it to an interaction later. Through the configuration of custom Data Keys that correspond to specific elements of interaction context, and the ability to group those keys into Data Set Templates, data can be retained and re-applied to an interaction later, even across different channels.
Mindful Scheduler
  • Scheduler Widgets allow your customers to request and schedule callbacks without the need to call your contact center. For some customers, this can be the preferred way to reach you for assistance.
  • The Scheduler widget is the preferred callback widget plugin for use with the Mindful Callback platform. These widgets can be used on your website or mobile app to offer ASAP and scheduled callback options. It is also possible to use a REST API to submit callback requests in your own web application.
Mindful Handoff
  • Send automated SMS notifications at key points in a callback interaction to increase reconnect rates, reinforce expectations, and gather feedback after agent interactions.
  • Handoff also provides the option to send informational text messages to customers in the IVR, saving time and resources in the process.

Solution Overview

Become familiar with the voice experience and recent updates to the Mindful platform:

Getting Started Guides

Get up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of managing your Organization on the platform:

Reference Guides

Learn about the Callback user interface through our many reference guides:


The FAQs section contains an ever-growing list of how-to guides, troubleshooting resources, best practices, and more:

  • Best Practices: Review best practices to maximize the effectiveness of your Organization and Call Target configuration.
  • Troubleshooting: Walk through troubleshooting processes to enhance the performance of the system for your Organization.
  • How-to Guides: Learn how to accomplish a variety of common tasks to manage and configure the system.

Training Library

Interested in deepening your understanding of Mindful solutions and the platform as a whole? We offer in-person instruction, online courses, and instructional videos to help you get the most out of our platform:

  • Mindful Callback Training: Discover our foundational courses Understanding Mindful Callback and Mindful Callback Dashboards and Reporting.
  • Mindful Feedback Training: Learn how to customize the survey experience, interpret real-time and historical reporting, and deliver the same survey to different customers in different ways. We also have open registration sessions for each course module.
  • On-Premise Callback Training: Upgrading to the latest version of On-Premise Callback is an essential step to maximize the value of your Callback solution. In this section, we'll guide you through some of the key enhancements introduced in On-Premise Callback 9.0 and later, with the help of several in-depth videos.

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