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Welcome to Mindful!
  • 07 Apr 2023
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Welcome to Mindful!

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Article Summary

Mindful Callback is the market’s leading cloud-based callback solution. This award-winning solution provides flexible options to offer context-driven callbacks as soon as possible or scheduled for a specific time, with all the benefits of a cloud-based solution, including rapid onboarding and no infrastructure investment.

Offering customers the opportunity to receive a callback rather than waiting on hold provides a seamless approach to delivering better customer experiences and higher contact center efficiency.

Solution Overview

Become familiar with the voice experience and recent updates to the Callback system.

Getting Started Guides

Get up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of managing the system.


Learn about the Callback user interface.

  • Configuration settings: Learn more about any configurable setting in the user interface.
  • Reporting: Learn how to navigate the reporting and monitoring features of the UI.
  • ECBT: Learn how the Mindful Callback application calculates the Estimated Callback Time (ECBT) for callbacks.


Accomplish configuration and administration tasks in the Callback system.

  • Best practices: Review best practices to maximize the effectiveness of your Organization and Call Target configuration.
  • Troubleshooting: Walk through troubleshooting processes to enhance the performance of the system for your Organization.
  • How-to guides: Learn how to accomplish a variety of common tasks to manage and configure the system.

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