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Getting Started for Administrators (Mindful Callback)
  • 30 Nov 2023
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Getting Started for Administrators (Mindful Callback)

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Article Summary

Note to Mindful employees:
Please go here for more information on this topic.

As an Administrator, you have the highest level of permissions and responsibility on the Mindful platform. This guide is meant to help you learn the functions of the system in a streamlined manner so that you can feel confident managing and maintaining your Mindful Organization.

This article contains links to how-to guides and reference articles covering important topics for Administrators. You can save this article as a reference point to find the content you need in the future. There is more to learn and configure afterward, but this guide will cover the basic requirements to get started and gain confidence configuring Mindful applications. 


This guide covers the following topics to acquaint Administrators with the Mindful user interface and features.

  1. Learn to navigate the user interface
  2. Configure your Global Settings
  3. Build and test Call Targets
  4. Configure your Business Units
  5. Manage phone numbers
  6. View reports and call data
  7. Manage Datastore integration
  8. Manage user accounts
  9. Next steps

Learn to Navigate the User Interface

As an Administrator, you will have access to all parts of the user interface. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the UI and its two main menus on the top and left side of the screen.

Top Navigation Menu

The top navigation menu allows you to manage system notifications and profile settings. This menu consists of the following options:

screenshot of the mindful top nav bar

  1. Alerts: Click to view system alerts and notifications.
  2. Organization Name: The name of your Mindful Organization.
  3. Your Username: Click to view Account Settings and Email Settings

Side Navigation Menu

screenshot of the mindful side nav bar

The side navigation menu allows you to manage and configure Mindful services and consists of the following options:

  1. Dashboards provide access to system status and customer experience metrics.
  2. Reporting provides access to the call data and historical reports.
  3. Configuration provides access global settings, Call Targets, phone numbers, and more.
Note for Government Users
Under Reporting in the side navigation menu, you will see Reports instead of Exports.

Configure Your Global Settings

Quick access: Configuration > Callback > Global Settings

Global settings should be in place before your first login as an Administrator, but it can still be helpful to review and familiarize yourself with the way your Organization is configured.

Most of the settings governing your Mindful Organization can be found on the Global Settings page. You may find yourself returning to the Global Settings page regularly to add holiday business hours, set up default configuration for new Call Targets, and other tasks.

After changing any setting, before saving the changes, a revert button will appear next to the setting. You can click revert any time to replace the unsaved value with the previously saved value.

screenshot of global settings

The Global Settings page is divided into several tabs that group similar items together:

  • General: The Global General Settings tab contains basic information about your Organization and a few options that impact the way Call Targets are initially configured by default.
  • Messaging: The Global Messaging Settings tab allows you to link your Callback account with the Messaging platform and configure SMS notifications for customers awaiting callbacks.
  • Metadata: The Metadata tab allows you to create Metadata Items that will be applied to all calls throughout your Organization, in addition to any Metadata Items configured for individual Call Targets.
  • Hours: The Global Hours Settings tab allows you to set the hours of operation for your Organization for each day of the week.
  • On/Off: The Global On/Off tab provides options to disable the launching of outbound callbacks or to stop offering callbacks entirely.

Build and Test Call Targets

Call Targets represent the destinations to which callback requests are sent. They point to the holding queues in your contact center and allow the interaction between Mindful Callback and your ACD platform.

As an Administrator, you may be tasked with building new Call Targets, modifying existing Call Targets, or even reporting on Call Target performance. All settings related to Call Targets can be managed on the Call Targets page.

screenshot of the call target page

For a detailed walkthrough of the basic settings required to build and test a Call Target, see How to Set up a Call Target.

Configure Business Units

Quick access: Callback > Business Units

screenshot of the business units pageBusiness Units give users access to a subset of Call Targets. For more information on how to create, edit, and delete Business Unit groups, see Business Units in the reference section.

View Reports and Call Data

There are five primary resources available to you as an Administrator to view real-time and historical call data, Call Target metrics, and system-wide reporting data for analysis. All of the metrics and reporting data you will need can be found on the following screens:

  1. Callback Status
  2. Insights
  3. Handoff
  4. Call Detail
  5. Exports

Looking for daily automated reporting emails? Learn how to set them up in How to View Reports and Call Data.

Note for Government Users
You will have the Reports page in place of the Exports page.

For a quick walkthrough of reporting in Mindful Callback, see How to View Reports and Call Data in the FAQs section.

Callback Status

The Callback Status screen provides real-time usage data for each of your Call Targets. The Callback Status screen, with its graphs and charts, is useful for day-to-day decision-making and gaining strategic insights.

screenshot of the callback status page
To learn more about each of the data points presented on this screen, see Callback Status.


The Insights page contains many different dashboards to provide you with valuable data surrounding your implementation and usage of Mindful Callback. These dashboards were designed to allow you to take a deeper dive into the metrics that are important to you.

screenshot of the insights pageTo learn more about each of the dashboards presented on this screen, see Insights .


Handoff provides a window into your messaging interactions with customers. Handoff includes both Blocklist and Message Lookup. Blocklist allows you to search by phone number to determine whether a customer has blocked your Organization's messaging handle from sending messages, and Message Lookup allows you to see information about the different messaging exchanges that have taken place between your Organization and your customers.

For more information, see Handoff in the reference section.

Call Detail

The Call Detail screen provides real-time and historical information on all interactions. From here you can view a detailed breakdown of all events that occurred for any interaction. You can also view aggregate data on the number of active and completed interactions in various states.

In addition to visually presenting the data for analysis, the Call Detail screen also allows you to export reporting data in CSV format.

For more information, see Call Detail.


Note for Government Users
You will see Reports in place of Exports.

The Exports screen contains all of the Call Detail reports that you have generated, or which have been automatically generated each day. From here, you can search and filter reports to find data for any timeframe. You can also generate new reports, download existing reports, or delete historical reports from the system

Manage the Datastore Integration

In every interaction, context is everything. The Mindful Datastore application provides a lightweight, user-friendly solution that helps enable world-class support by providing the ability to retain context and apply it to an interaction later. Through the configuration of custom Data Keys that correspond to specific elements of interaction context, and the ability to group those keys into Data Set Templates to fully built the context, data can be retained and re-applied to the interaction later as well as across channels. The Mindful Datastore application quickly and effortlessly enables the kind of service that will have your customers looking forward to their next interaction with you.

Mindful Datastore is integrated into Mindful Callback and is accessible from the left-hand navigation menu. Mindful Callback users have the ability to lookup Data Sets and create Data Set Templates.

For more information, see Datastore in Mindful Callback

Manage User Accounts

Quick access: Organization > User Management or Organization > Application Roles

screenshot of the user management pageYou may find yourself editing the permissions of existing users or removing users from the system over time. You can accomplish all of these tasks on the User Management and Application Roles screens. Administrators can also invite other Mindful Callback users to an Organization with the Invite New Users button.

  • Administrators have the ability to invite users to an Organization. Follow our tutorial for inviting users to Mindful Callback: Organization User Management
  • As an Administrator, you can edit user accounts for those with the Manager or Viewer role, but you cannot edit other Administrators' accounts. Please contact a Mindful representative if you need to edit Administrator accounts.

To learn more, see Organization User Management and Organization Application Roles in the reference section.

Next Steps

Congratulations, you have now covered the basics of using Callback as an Administrator! You have toured the user interface, reviewed your global settings, configured a Call Target, worked with reporting data, and managed user accounts.

Click any of the links below to learn more about what you can do as a Callback Administrator.

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