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  • 11 Dec 2023
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Article summary

Handoff provides a window into your messaging interactions with customers. Handoff includes both Blocklist and Message Lookup. Block List allows you to search by phone number to determine whether a customer has blocked your Organization's messaging handle from sending messages, and Message Lookup allows you to see information about the different messaging exchanges that have taken place between your Organization and your customers.

Block List

Quick access: Handoff > Block List

The Block List feature allows you to look up customer phone numbers to see if they are not receiving messages from your Organization. 

Use Case

A common reason for utilizing the Block List would be if a customer contacts you explaining that they are not receiving notifications from your Organization. The customer may have replied Stop or Cancel to an incoming message from your Organization, and therefore was placed on the Block List. To be removed from the Block List, the customer should reply Start or Subscribe to the same phone number.

screenshot of the block list page

To search for a specific phone number, enter a customer phone number in the Search field, including the country code. Click the Search button. The customer number will appear if they are on the Block List.

The chart on the Block List page includes:

  • Channel: the phone number that your Organization sent the message from
  • Customer Number: the phone number of the customer to whom the message was sent
  • Created At: the date and time that the message from your Organization was blocked

Message Lookup

Quick access: Handoff > Message Lookup

The Message Lookup page allows you to view messages sent between your call center and your customers. It allows you to dive deeper into the details of inbound and outbound messages and can be useful in situations where the customer has questions regarding a messaging interaction.

screenshot of the message lookup page

There are two ways to search for the details of a message.

  1. Customer number: In the corresponding Search field, enter a customer number, including the country code. Click the Search button.
  2. Channel: In the corresponding Search field, enter a channel with country code. Click the Search button.

The chart on the Message Lookup page includes:

  • Customer number: the phone number of the customer to whom the message was sent or received
  • Channel: the phone number that your Organization sent the message from
  • Direction: whether the message was an inbound (coming from the customer) or outbound message (sent to the customer)
  • Message Type: the format of the message (ie: SMS)
  • Priority: the priority level of the message
  • Status: the status of the message (ie: created or delivered)
  • Message Text: the text that appeared in the message
  • Created At: the date and time that the message was created
  • Updated At: the date and time that the last status update was received

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